Sunday, January 29, 2012

wrapped up

poncho & tights: H&M
socks & hat: Target
boots (and shorts worn underneath): UO

Giant, amorphous sweaters were made with me in mind. Not only are they warm and forgiving of my food babies, they create such an interesting proportional illusion. I love playing with simple lines and shapes, so much more than fussy things like bling and tassels and froufrou details. It's almost February- I know this "cozy" concept has been done to death in the Blogosphere by now but IT IS. Some days (Sundays in particular), I just want to go about my business still feeling like I'm wrapped up in bedding. It doesn't do much for my productivity, but it's so damn cozy SNUG.

And I'm not wearing sweatpants and Uggs.



Friday, January 13, 2012

one thirteen

shirt: thrifted
skirt: American Apparel (seen first here)
boots: UO
bag: Target
necklace: H&M


I've been away forever largely due to 1. too much holiday cheer and 2. my ancient Sony Vaio has developed dementia and short-circuits whenever I try to save photos. It's made me especially ornery and I apologize.
 Today I was cut from work a solid 4 hours early due to the Great Cleveland Blizzard '12, and we had exactly $0 hours after opening. So I came home,stuffed my face, and worked on a way to get around the black hole of misery that is my laptop. IT WORKED. So, there's that. I can't promise it wasn't a fluke, but I promise I will try to never, ever leave you alone like that again. You are fragile. 

I have the weekend off, bitches! What are YOU doing?