Monday, July 22, 2013

Lu & Crazypants.

pants, rings & shirt // Forever 21
shoes & hat // thrifted

Welcome to my bedroom in Brooklyn, where I stand on my bed with shoes on thanks to a tendency toward sheer impulsiveness. I was hibernating in said air-conditioned room to get respite from the heat, but as you can see I still bear a prominent sheen on my Jay Leno chin. Also, can I just take a Lu moment? She is the best little fuzzy, t-rex armed baby ever, and she has totally turned me into one of those dog parents who, like, wants to take her to get massages and hand-make her own organic vegan dog food. I won't, though. Probably. 

So I'm heading off to work and my one other friend, the tv, is telling me that Kate Middleton has gone into labor. Who cares? I absolutely do. I'm a sucker for ceremony and all things British. I'm pretty sure they just said there will be a "royal tweet" following the birth, which is pretty hilarious if you're like me and you imagine Prince Charles in a high-backed chair struggling to figure out how to send a tweet with his iPhone, which is held upside-down. 

...I've actually said crazier things due to a lack of caffeine. Bye for now, Monday Funday babes.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Creatures

dress //dear creatures "dresden"
jewelry // F21
shoes // senso

dress and shoes via the amazingly generous Keiko Lynn.

So hi, NYC heat wave. I had flakes of rust attached to the backs of my knees with sweat at the end of this fire escape session, and I had to edit out varying degrees of my bangs melting. This is scaling levels of femme that I am altogether inexperienced and uncomfortable with, but the dress itself makes up for it. This sailor-esque neckline detail contrasting with the hard chain necklace makes a "nice" (read: not $20) dress more my style. Note to self: acquire nicer stuff, do not ruin with rust trying to look cool on some old stairs.