Monday, November 28, 2011

black & tan

dress: Everly for Modcloth
boots: UO
rings: Aldo, F21, and UO

I hope everyone had a good holiday! Indulging can be uncomfortable, but luckily I'm used to putting away shameful amounts of food. And wine.

As a lucky (???) retail employee, I obviously had to work Black Friday, and we were encouraged to wear black for the happy occasion. I chose this striped number that I've only worn once or twice because I love the Peter Pan collar, but as usual, I changed right before leaving because dresses make me feel weird, especially in cold weather. I feel like tights with a dress make me look like a little pilgrim, or a five-year-old. Hitting the internet hard for inspiration.



Sunday, November 20, 2011

plaid & boots

plaid shirt: Randy's (I think H&M?)
sweater &  boots: UO
leggings & socks: Target
purse: vintage
frames: street vendor in New York

This sweater. Every. Damn. Day. It's all pilled and hole-y but it's like wearing my freaking bed. Also, I'm feeling the huge socks with boots deal lately. And flannel. I am a dude.

However, this evening: I turn female! We're getting fancy and going to a Thanksgiving potluck starring all of my favorite people in the world. I would promise lots of pictures, but even I don't believe me anymore.



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The bobbies' day off

wool sweater: vintage
blouse & spike ring: F21
pants: Cheap Monday
boots & scarf/shawl: UO

I normally wear my hair so tall & tight that I have problems smashing it into the roof of my car when I drive over bumps...also, I think it's starting to give me headaches. So I left my bobby pin nation at home on the bathroom sink. Suffice it to say, I don't really like it. I feel like it brings my already egg-shaped skull into Mr. Potato Head status. As soon as I went back inside it was promptly piled on top of my head and shoved into an elastic. Le sigh.

Have a go-to hairstyle? Discuss.



Friday, November 11, 2011

lady bag

   jacket, flats & bag: UO
leaf necklace & dress: H&M (seen in my very first post!)
belt: thrifted

When we ring this bag up at work, it's called the "Lady Bag". I don't know if that entirely describes my style. Sometimes I put together outfits for posts (like this) that, in my head, I imagine will look good- not necessarily one that I would wear exactly piece for piece. Does this make me a blog-liar? Maybe. It doesn't mean that I don't absolutely love everything I just that I would never go out looking so prim.

If I were going out, I would probably pair this jacket with some skinnies and platforms...and messier hair...and my fuschia MAC lip color...

God, I'm trashy- why do you like me??!
I'm going to go have a box of wine and watch Bravo.



Monday, November 7, 2011

Howl & Sole

jacket: Forever 21
scarf: UO
t-shirt & pants: H&M
purse & shoes: thrifted

Taking outfit pictures by myself comes with a whole host of problems: lighting and perspective aside, I cannot get Luella to leave me alone for five seconds. I usually get pissed and shoo her away, but really- how  could I say no to that face?! Howling-Lu likes my vintage suede bag. You?

Two parts of my outfit fell apart today: the sole of one of my shoes peeled halfway off, and I discovered a hole in the crotch seam of these pants. My work friends thought it was pretty lolzy...I suppose that's what I get for having an addiction to $20-and-under apparel. Whatever- needle and thread, life goes on, no?

Monday: my 3 hour date with Family Guy. Not ashamed.