Friday, September 30, 2011

Some sort of fashion event happened recently?

...Oh, come on. I may be stupid, but I'm not insane.

Here are some favorites for you from NYFW. You'd better appreciate it, because I worked my right-click-save finger down to the bone.
Isabel Marant
Philip Lim
Marc Jacobs


Christian Siriano

 Anna Sui

Almost as good at the runway looks? The after-party photos.
Like at Alexander Wang:

 Are they serious with this picture of Scary Terry??!?

Whatever. Not jealous.



Images via WWD and

Thursday, September 29, 2011


scarf, blouse, & skirt: H&M
shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
purse: vintage

Those pictures I promised from Coventry the other day never happened because we got poured on about five minutes after our arrival. I know this means you're about to throw your laptop out the window because the internet no longer matters. I'm sorry.

I have a huge block of time to myself today- so far I've watched repeats of Tabitha's Salon Takeover and cuddled Luella a lot.

I could totally be on a Bravo reality tv show. You just need to be a total bitch and end every sentence like it's a question? You know, with an upward inflection?



Tuesday, September 27, 2011


shirt: american apparel (randy's)
jeans: cheap monday
shoes: avalon exchange
headband: american apparel
bag: H&M

Today's outfit post is brought to us by the bad-assest mom in the world, Cher. We had a fun day together in Euclid at a bunch of new thrift stores that opened up recently. I got crabby halfway through the second one because it had been approximately, like, an hour and ten minutes since I had last eaten, and mom was pretty much all, "whatevs, I'm just going to keep shopping." She wouldn't let me take any pictures of her, but I dug one up on the interwebs of us and my father the night of my college graduation. Tough nuggets, mama.

                                                                                                 ^ crazy eyes

Isn't she cute?!?!? She even let me borrow her fancy camera for an undisclosed amount of time, provided I bring it back to her promptly and don't let the cat puke on it. 

            I GUESS, MOM.

I'm going to continue drinking wine and watching Mad Men Season 1 on this newfangled Netflix with the boyfriend.

Always a little behind the times,


Monday, September 26, 2011

(techno)logically challenged

hat, sunglasses, bag, necklace: UO
cardigan, shoes: thrifted
dress: F21

I've been up since 7 a.m., unable to sleep. I'm also unable to figure out how to turn the tv on because we recently got a whole bunch of new electronics, like a blu-ray player and an Xbox, which has added about a dozen new remote controls into the mix, so the old regular one no longer works. And I'm a hundred years old. I feel like I'm waiting for my grandson to come over and show me how to press an effing button. RANDY WAKE UP.
In other gripping news, I have the day off. Intense things are going to happen, like washing my hair and shopping in Coventry. Expect pictures. 

Of Coventry, not of me washing my hair. Ew, you're weird.

The sound of the local crackheads talking to themselves is drifting in through the window, and the cat is off in my dressing room making pukey noises, preparing to ruin something that I love. It's another magical morning in Cleveland. 


grandma mary.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


...of my Saturday at home.
         watching: Chopped. doing: waiting for my date to get home :) listening to: Bon Iver "Skinny Love". drinking: some lovely $5 Trader Joe's Cabernet.         

Happy weekend babes.



Thursday, September 22, 2011


t-shirt & trousers: H&M
leopard cardigan, fred perry duffel & platforms: UO

Oh yeahhh. I feel so much better with fresh hair. No more trashy-looking roots (I'll just have to find some other way to look trashy). Anna at Primp Salon & Spa gave me exactly what I wanted- rich dark color and some dope retro waves. If you live in the Cleveland area, go see her!
All these cliche words and terms keep coming to mind-Betty Boop, femme fatale, pin-up- so I felt that my wardrobe should start to reflect that, even if, in my mind, I'm still just a silly ass. Today I got a black leather jacket that I'm pretty stoked to start wearing as soon as it gets below 70 degrees (like, tomorrow), and a dark red matte lipstick which has somehow magically vanished in the last twelve hours.
The rest of this evening will involve (hopefully) dinner plans, and trying to not go cross-eyed looking at the godforsaken new Facebook feed. I just...



Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Dress: thrifted (originally from Target) 
Boots: thrifted
Socks: UO
Scrap fabric worn as head scarf, from Jillian :)

I'll skip over the usual excuses for the complete lack of posting lately, but I can assure you, they're at least kind of valid. I'm back now, though -can you feel your heart beating faster already??!
I've come to the realization that I'm probably a clothing hoarder. I don't feel any particular attachment to other items throughout my house, but when I try to clean out my closet, I start to feel the anxiety that I imagine people feel on Hoarders when the cleaning guys haul out their stuff. IF YOU TOUCH ANY MORE OF MY 7,000 CHINA DOLLS, I'LL KILL YOU. That's me, with dresses that I haven't worn in months. Like this adorable 60's inspired dress with an ivory pleated bib. I was going to go all out and do a big bouffant, but my hair is ugly and stupid in any style but a topknot (that's changing tomorrow, though. Major hair changes going down).



Saturday, September 10, 2011


cardigan: thrifted
leopard blouse: avalon exchange (also seen here)
leather bag: thrifted
pants: H&M
boots: UO

bag, circle scarf, & leather leggings: H&M
shirt: American Apparel (worn backwards)
lace bandeau: UO
boots: walmart

Friends, I've had bloggers block. That's code for 'I have a boring life and don't know what to talk about', or perhaps more accurately, talking about myself in-depth makes me uncomfortable. I've been taking plenty of outfit photos, hence the two looks in one post, but the boyfriend hasn't been around to help take them and I have a hate/hate relationship with the self-timer. Frustrating.
It's been pouring rain nonstop in the CLE, and I woke up this morning to no electricity, which seems to be a thing in this neighborhood. I lit my Hispanic Jesus dollar store candles and boyfriend boiled some water to make coffee. LIFE IS HARD, KIDS.

Weekend plans, anyone? I just want to live vicariously through you.