Sunday, February 19, 2012


cardigan: American Apparel
YES t-shirt: vintage
shorts & purse: UO
tights: Amazon
boots: vintage
necklace: F21

My favorite tissue-thin pajama tee has garnered some amusement over the years of wearing it. Like it's abnormal to wear an obscure '70's English rock world tour shirt with holes in it (and probably smells the way it looks), but it doesn't really do much to help my "I swear to Bob I'm not a hipster" argument.

My boots, ulike? I found them just today at a resale shop.They're old as dirt, too, but in awesome condition, super soft and broken-in, and the basket-weave side is really unique. 

I'm going to stuff my face at SoHo on 25th: unlimited biscuits and jam. Yes.



Sunday, February 5, 2012


t-shirt & platforms: UO
loop scarf : H&M
skirt & web necklace: Forever 21
socks: Target

One moderately nice, mild day and I'm reaching for the short skirts and my first hint of color since  ever fall. I need it. Or my dismal grey/black/tan wardrobe does.

As usual, I'm spending my Sunday in sloth mode, eating mini-muffins and vaguely watching the Superbowl Pre-game. But most UNusually, I'm witnessing, for the first time ever, a visual gift of epic proportions from which I may never recover:

The Puppy Bowl.
Brb, dying.