Sunday, February 5, 2012


t-shirt & platforms: UO
loop scarf : H&M
skirt & web necklace: Forever 21
socks: Target

One moderately nice, mild day and I'm reaching for the short skirts and my first hint of color since  ever fall. I need it. Or my dismal grey/black/tan wardrobe does.

As usual, I'm spending my Sunday in sloth mode, eating mini-muffins and vaguely watching the Superbowl Pre-game. But most UNusually, I'm witnessing, for the first time ever, a visual gift of epic proportions from which I may never recover:

The Puppy Bowl.
Brb, dying.




  1. AHH I've never seen the puppy bowl!! Now I have to wait a whole year.. love your outfit, by the way! That scarf is amazing! :)

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  2. i adore your scarf! the print is absolutely beautiful!

    love kelly