Wednesday, August 31, 2011

permanent marker

Hat, leggings, sweater: H&M
Necklace: inherited from grandmother
Shoes & renewal bag: UO
Socks: thrifted

As I post these pictures from the other day, there are a handfull of little critters, also known as children, scurrying around my living room drawing some awesome artwork I hope I get to keep. My nieces live hip little-kid lives in NYC with my sister, so I hope I haven't bored them too much during their visit. It's been entertaining to say the least for me. I have the permanent marker stains on my floor as a precious keepsake.

yes, that is a cheeseburger.



p.s.: I'm really pleased to be coming up on 1,000 pageviews; it's been exactly one month tomorrow that I first posted and I wanted to sincerely thank everyone who took the time to stop by my still-fledgling little project. Stay, please! I'm needy.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

no fancy stuff

top/chain bracelet: H&M
lace skirt: Forever 21
shoes: Target
rings: UO and Ebay
lips: Prestige Orange lip liner and MAC Girl About Town

The other day I treated myself to some "back to school" shopping, more or less to indulge my fantasy that I'm going back to high school next  month instead of work. The mall was insane as usual and Forever 21 is still a visual cacophony, but this skirt, with a mini attached, was a good find for 17 bucks. I felt pretty ill shortly after that (I blame the sickly mall air) so I got to catch up on a shitload of Bravo TV and practice making that side-bun. I live on the edge.

I'm mega stoked about the fact that I'm on mini-vacation from work for the next 8 days, so I'll be throwing some awesome stuff together for my tens of readers out there! And obviously, I'm still struggling with getting the camera to actually focus on me. Whomp Whomp. Suggestions? I have a Kodak EasyShare C195- no fancy stuff.



Thursday, August 25, 2011




That's not true (though Luella is near); I'm actually couch-ridden with terrible flu-ish body aches. I just thought a cute pic of me and a tiny dog would be less off-putting than one of me with the glow of the TV and several buckets of sweat on my face.
I'll have a new outfit post soon, but until then, here's some cute shit I've been liking lately. Because you care.


Re: cardigans, I've reeeeeally been coveting a super-long drapey duster. Like, past-the-knees long. Kinda like this, only not 4,865 dollars. I mean, 72.

Images via NastyGal and

So, I'm going to shove some cookie ice cream in my face and try to get some sleep.
See you soon...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

disco pants & girl dates.

Shirt: Luella Bartley
Heels: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: borrowed from Karina

Shirt & chain bracelet: H&M

Sheer top: American Apparel
                                                                                          Oxfords: Flower Child Vintage                                                                                                                                                  

Sweater: thrifted
Watch necklace: Urban Outfitters
Platform wedges: some crappy mall store

On Friday, my girl-crush Karina came over with some shiny, spandex-y pants from everyone's favorite nympho-meets-hipster label, American Apparel. We liked them so much, we decided to outfit them in a few different ways, and then skulk around my alleyway and staircase, pretending to be rich and famous and brooding. We even went to a French restaurant for lunch! It seemed like the thing to do.

Isn't she purdy?

As for the pants, Karina graciously allowed me to steal/borrow them after this shoot, and I've unashamedly worn them two days in a row now. In retrospect, wearing nylon/elastane in 70+ degree weather was a terrible idea, comfort-wise, but it sure does turn the heads of all my creeper neighbors. And, the waistband gives way to my food-baby so easily! Keepers!

Safe Saturday boozing!



Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday night/Sunday moaning.

Shirt & cutout wedges:: Urban Outfitters
Faux leather leggings & chain bracelet: H+M
Vintage suede bag: thrifted
Lipcolor: MAC in Cyber

I guess its true: Fall is coming. I think it hit me initially when I realized that I was wearing a shirt with sleeves for the first time in months, and then again, even harder, when the boyfriend asked me to turn on the first football game of the season. Um... go Browns.

I don't like it. Autumn is charming for the first few weeks, but after that I'm pining for the 89 degree days. I'm one of THOSE people.

I think my greatest solace is the outfitting choices. I can literally walk into my closet, look at everything, and think, "That would work". Some rare closet/self peace is needed; I generally spend my getting-ready time moaning dramatically and throwing clothes on the floor like a child.

Speaking of my hissy fits, I'm excited to hang out with the woman who took part in raising me: my sister, Amy. She's in from NYC, so we're in the process of trying to pick a bar to patronize.

Happy Saturday night!



Sunday, August 7, 2011

whatever you want, baby.

hat &shorts: Urban Outfitters
blouse: vintage
bracelet: H&M
purse: vintage
lipcolor: ELF Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry Tart

Me: "What should I say about this post?"
Boyfriend: "I dunno, whatever you want, baby."

This is a pretty typical conversation for us. I ask him his opinion, and he short-circuits and just tells me that he wants what I want. I don't think we've eaten at a restaurant, gone shopping, or met up with friends unless it was on my terms. I still love him, though.

That being said, he did actually suggest that we walk Luella up to the Gypsy Bean Cafe, where they  keep puppy treats behind the counter and sell the most amazing Russian tea cakes. Ever. 
Happy  Sunday!