Friday, August 5, 2011


blouse: H&M (found at Avalon Exchange)
vintage Levi's: thrifted & cut
belt: Forever 21
sandals: Urban Outfitters
watch, necklace, & ring: see here

I grew up animal- and animal print- obsessed.  I was certain that I would be a veterinarian until the day I learned that sometimes I would have to see them die. 

On Wednesday night, out with pretty girls Danielle and Jillian, we spotted a stray cat wandering around outside the bar. Several drinks later, the cat (I called him Spotty Cow) and I were being driven home by my boyfriend. The next morning, after much protest from the cranky cat and dog who already live here, Spotty has become the "community cat" of the building, and is enjoying a half-outdoor existence. Compromise!

Moral of the story: Always choose adoption. Just don't do it drunk.

p.s. thank you x 2 to Karina for these photos! Check out the last pic of me leaving because a security van pulled up where we were shooting. The driver was scarfing down an ice cream cone and looked confused.

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