Thursday, September 12, 2013

At home.

dress // Sugarlips Apparel (similar look here)
jacket // Bernardo
boots // Steve Madden "Repo"
switchblade necklace // NastyGal (on super sale by the way.)
bag // Steve Madden
hat // H&M

Today I got to hang out with the ladies behind some of my favorite blogs, Brooklyn BlondeKeiko Lynn and My Style Pill at T.J Maxx in Manhattan and talk fall fashion. I picked up this bag and leather bomber jacket while I was there- notice how un-black they are. Some recent photos of myself made it appear that I was perpetually on my way to a funeral and funerals are not sexy. Usually.

Not pictured: a Pleione cable-knit pullover which I purchased and thought, "too bad it's 90 degrees out and I cannot wear this. My life is hard". Fortunately my disgruntled cab driver cranked the air conditioning to subzero temperatures and I got to put it on. Because he knew.

Happy thirsty Thursday!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lu & Crazypants.

pants, rings & shirt // Forever 21
shoes & hat // thrifted

Welcome to my bedroom in Brooklyn, where I stand on my bed with shoes on thanks to a tendency toward sheer impulsiveness. I was hibernating in said air-conditioned room to get respite from the heat, but as you can see I still bear a prominent sheen on my Jay Leno chin. Also, can I just take a Lu moment? She is the best little fuzzy, t-rex armed baby ever, and she has totally turned me into one of those dog parents who, like, wants to take her to get massages and hand-make her own organic vegan dog food. I won't, though. Probably. 

So I'm heading off to work and my one other friend, the tv, is telling me that Kate Middleton has gone into labor. Who cares? I absolutely do. I'm a sucker for ceremony and all things British. I'm pretty sure they just said there will be a "royal tweet" following the birth, which is pretty hilarious if you're like me and you imagine Prince Charles in a high-backed chair struggling to figure out how to send a tweet with his iPhone, which is held upside-down. 

...I've actually said crazier things due to a lack of caffeine. Bye for now, Monday Funday babes.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Creatures

dress //dear creatures "dresden"
jewelry // F21
shoes // senso

dress and shoes via the amazingly generous Keiko Lynn.

So hi, NYC heat wave. I had flakes of rust attached to the backs of my knees with sweat at the end of this fire escape session, and I had to edit out varying degrees of my bangs melting. This is scaling levels of femme that I am altogether inexperienced and uncomfortable with, but the dress itself makes up for it. This sailor-esque neckline detail contrasting with the hard chain necklace makes a "nice" (read: not $20) dress more my style. Note to self: acquire nicer stuff, do not ruin with rust trying to look cool on some old stairs.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I was told there'd be summer.

jeans, floral blouse, square rings and M tote: F21
boots: vintage
cardigan and midi ring: UO
jacket and spike necklace: H&M

I know I look like a floating torso 99% of the time but I promise I do own more than just that one pair of black pants. I'll have you know I own two.

I was actually pretty festive (from the waist up) when I left the house, but the weather turned into a schizophrenic extreme sun/cold wind hybrid and on went the jacket. I don't even remember where I went or what I did that day but I'm pretty certain I looked crabby whilst doing it. It's the wind that does it- I leave the house with every hair in place, feeling moderately cute, and I arrive at my destination looking like Professor Snape with flippy ends and a scowl. I have to stuff what little hair I have left into a micro-ponytail and carry on.

Next post: It just wouldn't be me unless I was whining about the outdoors, but one out of 1,000 photos of me contains an actual smile. For you, my tens of readers. I'll do it for you.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

City beach

blouse & shoes: vintage
jacket: thrifted (Gap)
pants: Forever 21
pins: ???
sunglasses: UO

I'm super not into the outdoors, but last week I was dragged spent a lovely day off in the sun exploring the city. After walking the entire perimeter of the Jackie O Reservoir in Central Park, then sitting on the East River beach and staring for an extended period, here is what I learned:

1. Water is nice
2. Geese do not care what you think

Learn with me next time, as I explore the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo and hashtag what I'm eating for dinner with reckless abandon.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I never say much.

jacket: Forever 21
tank, shoes and bag: UO
skirt: Remalon at Awoke Vintage
necklace: street vendor

On Wednesday evening I had been drinking in Williamsburg decided to pop into Awoke Vintage in Brooklyn for some tasty impulse shopping. They happened to be hosting a little party and though I don't have any photos of my own from the event, rest assured I am actually capable of being some iteration of social. I died six times over this micro accordion-pleated skirt, downed a glass of "event" champagne (i.e. tan pop) and bailed. That's all she wrote.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No one's got it all

dress: Forever 21
cardigan: pretty sure I stole this from my sister's apartment, sorry Amy
bag, midi rings and shoes: Urban Outfitters
bracelet: gift

For round 2 of Post Titles Inspired By Emotional Songs, I was putting this together and thinking of all of the different ways that I should've merchandised my outfit better, stood with better posture, adjusted the lighting, used a real camera (maybe with a tripod, WHOA) and used a hundred filters to make my wine-bloated face less offensive to your precious eyes. I tend to really over-analyze what I throw out there and it tends to lead to overall anxiety and self-consciousness (even though, let's be honest, having a personal fashion blog is a totally blatant exercise in some degree of ego-stroking). 

And though the less insane part of me just wants to show you something pretty, with the limited resources I have available, I just want it all.


P.S. The song is "Hero" by Regina Spektor.