Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I was told there'd be summer.

jeans, floral blouse, square rings and M tote: F21
boots: vintage
cardigan and midi ring: UO
jacket and spike necklace: H&M

I know I look like a floating torso 99% of the time but I promise I do own more than just that one pair of black pants. I'll have you know I own two.

I was actually pretty festive (from the waist up) when I left the house, but the weather turned into a schizophrenic extreme sun/cold wind hybrid and on went the jacket. I don't even remember where I went or what I did that day but I'm pretty certain I looked crabby whilst doing it. It's the wind that does it- I leave the house with every hair in place, feeling moderately cute, and I arrive at my destination looking like Professor Snape with flippy ends and a scowl. I have to stuff what little hair I have left into a micro-ponytail and carry on.

Next post: It just wouldn't be me unless I was whining about the outdoors, but one out of 1,000 photos of me contains an actual smile. For you, my tens of readers. I'll do it for you.

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  1. Never would've guessed that necklace is H&M. Really feeling the post title too.

    x Arushi
    www.bohemianlikeyou.net + www.arushikhosla.tumblr.com