Wednesday, March 27, 2013

No one's got it all

dress: Forever 21
cardigan: pretty sure I stole this from my sister's apartment, sorry Amy
bag, midi rings and shoes: Urban Outfitters
bracelet: gift

For round 2 of Post Titles Inspired By Emotional Songs, I was putting this together and thinking of all of the different ways that I should've merchandised my outfit better, stood with better posture, adjusted the lighting, used a real camera (maybe with a tripod, WHOA) and used a hundred filters to make my wine-bloated face less offensive to your precious eyes. I tend to really over-analyze what I throw out there and it tends to lead to overall anxiety and self-consciousness (even though, let's be honest, having a personal fashion blog is a totally blatant exercise in some degree of ego-stroking). 

And though the less insane part of me just wants to show you something pretty, with the limited resources I have available, I just want it all.


P.S. The song is "Hero" by Regina Spektor.

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