Monday, March 11, 2013

I've got a land mine in my blood line

Jacket, tank and pants all Forever 21
necklace: vintage
shoes: Target
bag: UO

The post title isn't really relevant to anything, I've just been listening to the Old 97's lately.

Let me just say that this jacket is itchy as all hell on the insides of the sleeves and I can't EVEN really complain about it because it was probably stitched together in a sweatshop for six cents and purchased for just slightly above that. 

What I WILL bitch about is the fact that I ordered cute business cards for this blog (RIGHT?) and the post office lost them. That was me storming down Broadway through Brooklyn this afternoon throwing the adult equivalent of a walking-tantrum. I don't know how else I'm supposed to quadruple my monthly readership to 24 without a little bit of print exposure. Plus giving away a card with your name on it just looks cool. Like holding a clipboard. 

In other news, my 25th birthday is approaching at an alarming rate, and I would like to thoughtfully plan out my quarter-life crisis meltdown. I'm going to move to Portland and start keeping indoor terrariums and eat food only if it was sourced no further than ten blocks away. I should also probably start dating someone in a band.

Crying into my wine,


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