Sunday, August 7, 2011

whatever you want, baby.

hat &shorts: Urban Outfitters
blouse: vintage
bracelet: H&M
purse: vintage
lipcolor: ELF Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry Tart

Me: "What should I say about this post?"
Boyfriend: "I dunno, whatever you want, baby."

This is a pretty typical conversation for us. I ask him his opinion, and he short-circuits and just tells me that he wants what I want. I don't think we've eaten at a restaurant, gone shopping, or met up with friends unless it was on my terms. I still love him, though.

That being said, he did actually suggest that we walk Luella up to the Gypsy Bean Cafe, where they  keep puppy treats behind the counter and sell the most amazing Russian tea cakes. Ever. 
Happy  Sunday!



  1. Thanks! Obsessed with sheer lately.

  2. Such a cute outfit; the hat is especially adorable. Give it time, your blog is going to be huge! xx

  3. that made my day, thank you :-)