Thursday, September 22, 2011


t-shirt & trousers: H&M
leopard cardigan, fred perry duffel & platforms: UO

Oh yeahhh. I feel so much better with fresh hair. No more trashy-looking roots (I'll just have to find some other way to look trashy). Anna at Primp Salon & Spa gave me exactly what I wanted- rich dark color and some dope retro waves. If you live in the Cleveland area, go see her!
All these cliche words and terms keep coming to mind-Betty Boop, femme fatale, pin-up- so I felt that my wardrobe should start to reflect that, even if, in my mind, I'm still just a silly ass. Today I got a black leather jacket that I'm pretty stoked to start wearing as soon as it gets below 70 degrees (like, tomorrow), and a dark red matte lipstick which has somehow magically vanished in the last twelve hours.
The rest of this evening will involve (hopefully) dinner plans, and trying to not go cross-eyed looking at the godforsaken new Facebook feed. I just...