Friday, September 2, 2011

september heat

Dress: Thrifted
Bag: UO renewal
Belt & heart ring: F21
Shades: (don't judge me, they were $3) Wet Seal

Pictures by Karina @ Beach and Dress

Soooooo. September. You didn't start off the way I was expecting. It was 94 degrees today. I don't appreciate having my face melted off as soon as I step outside. I thought we were over this.
It does make for good day-drinking with Karina, though. As though I needed another excuse. She found this Mexican gem by her apartment, the name of which I can no longer recall, which boasted 99 cent margaritas. They were...what you would expect. Then we played around in her "backyard" for pictures. I cropped out the discarded mattresses for your viewing comfort.

My stay-cation is coming to a tragic end soon. Only three short days of freedom left. What do I do???!!!

A: Keep day-drinking.




  1. beautiful pictures. i really love your tattoos, and your style of course! x

  2. i love that nail polish! i feel ya with the heat it has been 90 degrees here in denver for what feels like forever!