Monday, November 28, 2011

black & tan

dress: Everly for Modcloth
boots: UO
rings: Aldo, F21, and UO

I hope everyone had a good holiday! Indulging can be uncomfortable, but luckily I'm used to putting away shameful amounts of food. And wine.

As a lucky (???) retail employee, I obviously had to work Black Friday, and we were encouraged to wear black for the happy occasion. I chose this striped number that I've only worn once or twice because I love the Peter Pan collar, but as usual, I changed right before leaving because dresses make me feel weird, especially in cold weather. I feel like tights with a dress make me look like a little pilgrim, or a five-year-old. Hitting the internet hard for inspiration.




  1. Your outfit is great! I absolutely adore the dress because of the stripes and the collar. I don't think you look like a five year old :)

  2. haha I appreciate that! It's just one of those things that I'll never quite shake.

  3. your outfit is cute!! i'm esp loving the nails and jewelry choices :) sucks that you had to work black friday though. i've been through it before [many times]... not fun. great blog!

    love kelly

  4. Hi,Im a 13 year old girl and I draw fashion designs,If you wanna see it,go on :)

  5. I am in love with that dress! Too cute :)