Friday, November 11, 2011

lady bag

   jacket, flats & bag: UO
leaf necklace & dress: H&M (seen in my very first post!)
belt: thrifted

When we ring this bag up at work, it's called the "Lady Bag". I don't know if that entirely describes my style. Sometimes I put together outfits for posts (like this) that, in my head, I imagine will look good- not necessarily one that I would wear exactly piece for piece. Does this make me a blog-liar? Maybe. It doesn't mean that I don't absolutely love everything I just that I would never go out looking so prim.

If I were going out, I would probably pair this jacket with some skinnies and platforms...and messier hair...and my fuschia MAC lip color...

God, I'm trashy- why do you like me??!
I'm going to go have a box of wine and watch Bravo.




  1. Your jacket is gorgeous! I think it looks really nice with that pink dress but would look equally nice with the skinnies and platforms :)

  2. cute :D
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