Monday, November 7, 2011

Howl & Sole

jacket: Forever 21
scarf: UO
t-shirt & pants: H&M
purse & shoes: thrifted

Taking outfit pictures by myself comes with a whole host of problems: lighting and perspective aside, I cannot get Luella to leave me alone for five seconds. I usually get pissed and shoo her away, but really- how  could I say no to that face?! Howling-Lu likes my vintage suede bag. You?

Two parts of my outfit fell apart today: the sole of one of my shoes peeled halfway off, and I discovered a hole in the crotch seam of these pants. My work friends thought it was pretty lolzy...I suppose that's what I get for having an addiction to $20-and-under apparel. Whatever- needle and thread, life goes on, no?

Monday: my 3 hour date with Family Guy. Not ashamed.




  1. Beautiful lady, I am loving that sole and that poochy is so cute.

    Eda ♥

  2. LOVE the fur scarf! Following!! I'm giving away a ring on my blog!!! :)

  3. love love that scarf! i always have the same problem with my dog when i try to take photos at home!