Sunday, October 30, 2011


cape & sweater: American Apparel
stretch riding pants & enameled necklace: H&M
boots & purse: UO
stacked rings: Aldo Accessories

I'm trying to take advantage of outdoor photography while I still have it; as soon as the first snowflake hits the pavement you're all going to be subjected to the dank lighting of my storage room for the following five months. Cold-weather wimp to the max.
I got my fleece-lined cape, like most of my wardrobe, from American Apparel, and it's super soft and comfy, although probably only wearable for a few more weeks while it's still mild out. In retrospect, not the most practical of purchases, unless I develop some sort of body-part specific fever that makes only my arms sweat. Yeah. It's a likely scenario.

Lastly, boyfriend is taking me to see In Time with Justin Timberlake (yawn) and Vincent Kartheiser (aka Pete from Mad Men aka dreamboat) knowing full well that I just want to stare at VK for an extended period of time. Such a sport.

Deagan's in Lakewood after that, I think?
What do you like to do with your Sundays?




  1. Yes, you finally got the cape you wanted! :) And I love the sweater! Have a good night, guys!!

  2. lovely lovely cape! i don't own a cape. this might need to change!