Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blogger's Wardrobe: Gaia and E&E Sunglasses

I noticed a lot of posts lately mentioning this site/company. Blogger's Wardrobe is an online marketplace geared specifically to bloggers, and promoting the exposure of designers one wouldn't typically come across in mainstream media.

I'm all about this. They have so many unique brands and I'm loving the overall aesthetic of who they are promoting: clean lines, flattering silhouettes, minimalism, and a light, pastel palette are pretty dominating. 

Danish label Gaia is feeling the knitted, vintage look.

The yellow sweater on the left? I'd be willing to wear actual color for a day.

Another one that stood out to me is E&E.

I'm not European enough to wear these, but I'm not minding staring at them right now. and wine are my evening right now. Not mad about it.


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