Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mathieu Mirano SS 2013 Presentation

In the category of "awesome things that accidentally happen to me",what happened at this event was a close second to Catherine Malandrino suddenly appearing right next to me (and probably ending up in the background of about 100 photos akwardly looking at the floor). But I'll get to that. 

This line looked like pure decadence. Even though it is a Spring collection, it was set off perfectly by the glacially-themed sculptures. My inner 6-year-old could've stood there for hours: Sparkles. Sparkles everywhere.

So I'm just hanging out, trying to look like I do this all the time, wondering if anyone would believe me if I said my $4,000 camera was being repaired and that's why I was using an iPhone, when the man himself shows up right next to me and starts conducting interviews. I didn't say anything. I just stayed where I was. His PR person assumed I was in line to talk to him and said "Just keep it to one or two questions, please." Well...obviously, of course. That...that's standard.

I can say with sincerity that Mathieu was a complete sweetheart, very down-to-earth, and very invested in his craft. I was blowing my own mind with my awkwardness and he was super cool about it. I don't have a recorder, but it's all in the steel trap:

Me: How does your Spring collection differ from others this year, or keep your concepts from blending in with other designers'?

MM: I'm actually glad you asked that. This season I kept the base color a fresh white, but I also added pops of bright color, as with the stone work you see here. Other designers have amazing things happening right now but there's a lot of pastels, a lot of neutrals...

Me: (nodding). That''s gorgeous. Um. Thank you so much. That's all I have to bother you with.

Just showing up is half the battle.

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  1. What a story - freaking awesome. I'm going to follow along to hear more of your amazing New York adventures! And yes...showing up is half the battle. Awesome.